Everbody Dies

  • Posted by: Haley Mead
  • Created: November 3, 2020
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The haunting stench of misery Still lingers in the air This bitterness, this memory This danger, everywhere The darkness sheilds my eyes to see The gods won't hear my prayer The shadows scream and cry to me "Oh, what in life is fair?" The aftertaste of my sorrow Will rest lightly on my mind To imagine is to know That life can be unkind With time an endless race Its speed beyond compare Here I wait in dark's embrace Heed my words, "Beware"   My clarity is here I understand now why, As one last thought appears in sight The bright star does paint the sky I could wait forever dancing in night, Please, tell me soon dear wicked one, This world is cruel to scare I would like to get this done "Tell me, what in life is fair?" Holding tight to play my part The wind embraces me Darkness won't destroy my heart I'll find my own way free Silent, like a porcelain doll Under these watchful eyes I break this curse, as i hear them call "Everybody dies" I whisper it up to the moon Just as the crooked crow flies "It'll be over very soon, Everybody dies"   Golden rays, beams of light Marking my friend's demise I can find no need to fight For "Everybody dies" -Ghost November 14, 2018

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