To spice things up in my life,

I added a pinch of humility. 

These girls from my township,

Love me so much.

And I keep telling myself that,

to nurse an ego and a grudge,

I'd have to burn in hell first.

If I was 2pac I could be rhyming; 

I’ve known these girls from way back! 

I don’t know how I would’ve sounded


If it wasn’t due our radio deejays goodness.

Yes! They turn any foul song into a classic song.

Before I pulled a chair ,

Under this computer table,

and started writing this poem,

To ease world's stress egulfing me,

I had nothing more to do other than to;

listen to my seniors at a nine to five toil.

Right now I’m listening to Beyonce’s title song ;


But hey, I just can’t keep me from having pride.

One thing for sure;

I’m good.


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