Dying Within

I feel trapped in my own mind, Nowhere left to unwind. I try to not bottle my emotions, But I’m just waiting for that explosion. Depression tells me to talk to someone, But I don’t want to ruin their fun. Anxiety whispers what if there’s no hope, The only thing left is to mope. That feeling of isolation from the world around, That no one can help, just makes me frown. Feeling like being punctured by a thousand nails, Friends try to help to no avail. Depression is like a demon that assures you are useless, It can be extremely vile and ruthless. When sadness consumes you, drinking is soon to follow, With a little liquid courage, misery is easier to swallow. The demon gets stronger with every passing day, Wanting to just stay in bed and lay. Counting the hours hoping for a solution, But knowing deep inside my inevitable conclusion.
Dying Within

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