Dreams Would That One Day

Yet again I woke up today to no surprises
but no sense of purpose
in my life.
I can remember when
the wonder of my adolescence
warmed by the shed
of morning sun
and by spring's early light
made the opportunities seem
When the days appeared to have no consequence
that was all the more reason to relish life as if it were 
still those same mornings repeating
and the dreams were so vivid in real-time
that I long for the world at my feet
and that dreams could carry me through
a chosen yearning of sleepless nights.
Would that one day dreams
finally lend me the muse
to forge my own path
where I could shine so brightly under the moon;
with the little which with which I was imbued
still not fall prey to the rampant indifference
which programmed me to accept their abuse.
Would that one day I win with the germ of imagination;
that one of those planted seeds that were tossed and blowing in the wind
make me free and towering 
to realize every unfulfilled need. 

Dreams Would That One Day

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