Downward Fall

Drifting high in early autumn sunlight 

Swaying care free, harmlessly in mid air 
A fall down into a constant plunge 
Yielding downward with wind care 
Twist and whipped into numerous tosses 

Flipped up over my head and slapped about 

Descending to earth despite aimed efforts 
Still, in a fall; and rapidly dropped 
Turning to the right for a few moments 
Feeling the hot sun upon my face 
Rolling left upon my side, tumbling around 
Seeing earth close to end my fate 
Once vivid green colored, securely dangling 
Now brown decayed and falling down 
My arms once did stretched outward 
Now sadly curled inward and round 
My fall and drop has no whisper 
My descent yells no note or sound 
I am just an aged leaf decayed by seasons 

Dropping in bright daylight 


Downward Fall

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