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And that was it
The death star was destroyed
And I was suddenly unemployed
Left out in the void
Of the real world
Where all the work is done by droids 
Life wasn't like this
Before I was deployed

Because they told me
That the empire needed me
I had to be prepared to die
If I wanted to be free
There is rebel scum
All over our galaxy
And by the time it's over
I'll even have a college degree

Plus a nice plot of land
On Dantooine
Where I can chill and expand
My family 
But life doesn't always pan out
The way we see
Now I sleep 
On the streets
Blisters occupying my feets

You see war would be glorious
At least that's what they told all of us
Not prepared for all of the horrors
That would be presented before us
Women and children demoralised
Innocent farmers burned alive
There's a reason most of us didn't shoot straight
We didn't want to end any more lives

I am a good person
But war makes you do terrible things 
Innocence turns to violence
When you're surviving by any means
Creating widows and 
Creating orphans
Like it's going out of fashion
Killing indiscriminately
Then use the excuse
That we were just following direction

Which we were 
But trust that doesn't make sleeping any easier 
The alcohol can hide it from the surface
But psychological damage runs much deeper

I've seen my best friends 
Cut down in their prime
Fighting for a war
That's yours
And not mine
We stood side by side
Fighting for what we thought was right
If only we know 
How the empire had lied

So now I'm stranded on Mos Eisley 
Not sure what happened
To all my fallen brothers
I heard a rumour some of them fled and regrouped in the outer rim sectors
And tried to carry on this bullshit war
Not even sure what they're fighting for 
Just a bunch of soldiers without a cause
While I sit here and try to ignore

The looks on people's faces as they
Quickly pass me by
They probably think I'm just a down and out
Who's given up on life
Maybe they're right? 
Even if they knew
What I had been through
They wouldn't be happy with the side that I did fight
The Darkside
Not the light
I wonder if I'll sleep tonight

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