Denkyira Oboase Tribute to Late Major Mahama

The cruel attack on the life of Late Major Mahama at Denkyira Oboase.

Denkyira Oboase:

Tribute to Late Major Mahama:

Like a knife piercing the heart - 

cutting through every tissue and cell of the heart -

slashing even the strongest muscle;

as it saps every strength and life from the heart.


Blood gushes out,

and splashes on the floor,

drops run on their own course,

and gradually disappear from sight.


Life gradually flies away,

body sways to and fro,

and drops bum!

like a big bang.


Denkyira Oboase,

at the meeting of angry mobs:

How can the cockroach be innocent

in the midst of angry fowls?

Like angry tigers so blinded by greed,

you had no mercy

on an innocent soul.



How?How? How?

Can the mind think far,

when madness lives in the heart.

But we have come too far

to still let wickedness rule our heart.


So let the knife that pierced your heart;

drop! drop! drop!

Let the mind that conceived the thought;

bow! bow! bow! in shame

Let the hand that threw the blows and stones;

never! never! never! and ever lead the course of mob injustice.

Let the mouth that blew the alarm;

shut! shut! shut!


May the rain wipe our evil act

against you.

May you hold not

our sin against you.

and like Stephen, I can hear you cry out loud:

"Lord, do not hold

this sin aginst them."


Major Mahama, we still have you in our memory

and hold you so high, as a fallen hero.







Denkyira Oboase Tribute to Late Major Mahama

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