A poetic homage to Kahled al-Assad, the Syrian archaeologist, killed by ISIS militants in Palmyra.

Inspired by the destruction of parts of ancient Palmyra by ISIS, and the loss of Syria's identity and ancient history.




Dream a palm garden oasis in a sunlit desert mirage

Imagine camel trains trailing silk road in their homage

Epic memories of Assyrian kings ruling an ancient world

A kingdom vision is set amongst Syrian empire unfurled

In Palmyra’s pearl eyes of paradise lies a great surprise

Beauty sculptured in Byzantium by Roman hands arise

In myth and in legend Venice of the Sands command

Desert breathes myriad grains upon just one cold hand

Tears of joy and wonder in hearts to see the silver stars

Amid the architectural fantasy of Palmyra’s royal tsars

After endless millennia of love, life, and history carved

Exquisite marbled facade cascading a fountain's shard

Black death hammers on the doors with vengeance call

Fear backs up against the cold texture of a mosaic wall

A jewel of archeology and undiscovered mysteries read

A man of loyalty, committed to his task bloodied dead

Heartless sword of Isis with no cause to mourn or moan

Beheaded in a stroke a corpse hung from dressed stone

Five decades of life’s true cause and working dedication

Lost in whispered hate and bloodied callous castigation

Symbol of god and terror distilled from its religious womb

Darkened shroud lies in death on Palmyra’s marble tomb


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