Dearest Stacy

Dearest Stacy
Oh dearest;
Why am i in so much pain
A week ago,it was my magnificent love i was expressing
Having you in my life is such a big gain
Why do i feel darkness yet light in you
Why are you so far yet near to me
What's wrong with us
Are we not meant to be
Just you and me
Or is it the thorns in you my dear rose
That prick my fingers and make me draw myself away from you
Why do i want you so bad in my life
Yet its clear that i am afraid
Shall i wait for the fear of losing you forever creep away
Even at this moment of our complications
Shall you say that you still love me
Like you did five years ago
When we felt that heat of romance aboard
our lives so similar yet different
Shall your eyes water up with tears
When i walk away
Shall you prevent me from leaving you again
Shall i even allow myself to walk out on you
The pain in my heart has only one remedy
Even if i travel far and wide
Even if i find another woman
Even if she tricks me to slide
Into her heart
Its only you my love
You; the remedy of my heart.
By Silent tone.

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