Dear Future Wife

To pain being felt by many in the process of finding true love, the endurances,disapointments one self goes through in the process of finding thee one i might say.motions have changed time has affected the past experiences in not such a good way,its an affectual one an indivudual!

Dear Future Wife  

Like shakespeare would say "Love is not love which alters when its alliteration finds nor bends with the remover to remove".

Ironical I would say !,life changes with motion bound to give birth to different seasons effective rapidly !

Namibian Queen I concurred to thee through thyself, sinless creation ,influantual in every sense,I art adhered to.

Buh how come such innocense can stand aside while thyself pleasures in grief,traumaic experiences from outside world offerings!

well its a question asked by many ,answers transparent from thoughts.

Well to rapp the whole sagga up would blame it on Destiny!!


Sleepless nights,torn apart emotions ,visions killed in the process of thoughts,wow crucifial stuff,is it worth such trauma one world ask.

Well many might find simillarity in such nightmare like moments.

Yet all this has not made any effect for I still long to meet ,glance ,nor pleasure in thee.

I thought for a sec in a glimpse ,would there be any violence involved in such an event in occurance through fate I adhered to myself!

For I know threatening beauty thyself picture in vision wont be so delicant to infrultrate.

Yet thee artwillingy of thyself pleasures with joy though I know for sure that it aint the circumstance to thee either well fate works in its own way!

For i art pray to the have Agepe Love in yourself for I would mot bear to deal with Ludus Love ,for heart would beat the drum no more!!!!

Dear Future Wife

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