Daylight Savings Time – November 6th 2016

Hour two hands clock back sixty minutes of Autumn

Round about this same of month every year, what a bum

er, and inconvenient truth diverged from this chum

purposelessly manipulating a hold over
   sans yesteryear doth drum

a sensation of jet lag (with earth in the balance)

   as if flying within time machine at warp speed from

this station, where bumpy ride invariably finds me
   feeling a bit ticked off and glum
and in no mood to rhyme, nor be leer re: cull
   juiced barely tantamount to gather scattered wits
   sin tide, and express mood as hoe hum

fortunate, this chronological seismic shift nada wide, ah assume

nonetheless, mein kempf cerebral hemispheric plate tectonics
   comb pluck hated off jangling black keys helplessly boom
fancifully drifting and booring into quick ribald sand trap doom
ming an inducement for emergency convoy, when pitched from
sea to figurative shining sea – gram ma mother earth glum
where live yikyak wired vanguard trulia tried optimism to hum

nonetheless, swallowed down cream mated behavioral sink
   her inert ashes boxed for mo urn eternity

   like talcum powder went – me mum
bling bloviation, once worth matchless peerage, now pitched numb
lee into morass of temporary confusion, where plumb
line delineating circadian rhythm offset, when athwart pilot rum

man strait ting and bickering with Lilliputians slum

bring within islets of langerhans defiantly thumb
ming nose, where body, mind & soul weeknd viz a bully did cower
hence mister clock, who got high-jacked 3600 seconds per hour
experienced head, thorax and abdomen diminishing in power
wrought indistinguishable Whitsuntide as sour
grapes imposing ill fitting sea legs, which folded like a faulty tower
crumbling skeletal carapace, resoundingly surrendered,
   and back slid vis a vis space/time continuum did devour.
Black hole event horizon indeed kept lock step as das joint mill hoard

Sucker punched the band wagon of father time, whose riffs a silent chord
nsync with atomic fractional second bored
quirky shenanigans toying with chronometers
   counter point of view shifted to oppose this minute accord.


Daylight Savings Time – November 6th 2016

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