Its shadows are cool and chilled. And wrap you in a blanket of despair. All you can feel is your own breath And the eeriness in the air.   Where no angel will ever roam. And not even a demon will be seen. For the place cannot decide it’s place. But yet it was given a wonderful queen.   Yet wonderful may not be the right word. Nor would be anything else. For this goddess of a person Has a heart that forever welts   And she doesn’t even know where she’s gone- Or where she’ll ever be. For she has nowhere to even go And she has no one to even see.   She is alone in her own little world. Where no one will understand. That she is a woman of her own dignity And will never find a man.   The darkness will never live for long. For the light will always find it. And the queen must be forever alone. In her deep and dark, endless pit.   And darkness may never find a light. And the queen will never find her king. But neither will ever stop their fight. And they will both triumph- and will sing.

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