Daddy’s Little Girl

He had no idea.

What was given to him

Until it was too late.

And he was without her- how grim.


She was so very young.

And treated very wrong.

It wasn’t the family that did it-

But the people in her song.


The kids at recess called her names.

Judging eyes and a porcelain face

They made her feel ashamed

She couldn’t be alone- she didn’t have a place


She had one friend in her family

She was finally happy- like a princess at a ball..

When she was finally told the news

Her world took a crash and a fall.


Her true friend was gone- the only believer.

He swore he saw it- his daughter falling

But the girl was happy! Always smiling!

Hiding the fake smiles as death was calling


But it wasn’t long until the sleeves approached

And her smiled was fading- she would always mope.

But she wouldn’t stop acting- her one true talent-

She pretended she wasn’t bullied- that she was happy.


One funeral- then another.

Nothing helped, she was a goner.

But dad thought nothing- he couldn’t see it.

His daughter was in there- but she lost her honor.


He tried for so long, took her to the doctor.

Nothing helped, he couldn’t save her.

The man had cried, he didn’t want it.

He needed his baby- the one he confided.


She wasn’t normal- not at all.

Her weight uneven- too short, then too tall.

Her eyes changed color, with her emotions.

She grew up to fast- he wanted to change it.


The child grew quickly- saw the real world changing.

She wanted to make a difference- she was done waiting.

She got knives for Christmas, smiled with laughter.

He wished he could of saved his innocent, young daughter.


She was only 14- when she went and left him.

“Nothing could of saved her” the only words fell limp

But he didn’t believe she wasn’t in bed

He knew he could save her- she wasn’t yet dead.


He dug out her drawings- he printed and copied.

He knew his wife wasn’t the best mommy.

He walked around town, putting up flyers.

“Have you seen my daughter?” the pain was a tsunami


Not one single phone call- no, never once.

He tried to give rewards- but none of them spoke

“Why won’t you listen?” They asked him daily.

“She’ll be back one day.” he would cry and choke


Months had passed when a call was received.

“Hello, you’ve seen my daughter?” he finally believed.

“Daddy?” the voice asked, shivering and cold.

“Daddy, I’m sorry for the lies you’ve been told.”


“I’m still alive- but not for much longer.

I won’t see you for the rest of the summer.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, tears fading.

“I’ve ran away for a reason- I’ve completed my training.”


“Training?” He asked, confused- concerned.

“I lived on my own- I’ve felt all the hurt.”

“Please, just explain- when will you be home?”

“I told you, daddy, I’m stuck all alone.”


“But your speaking to me now?”

“It’s all an hallucination.

Daddy, I’ve been gone for 20 years-

You’re finally outdated.”


The voice gave a laugh, and the man finally saw it.

The daughter he missed, he finished his training.

“We’ve gone through alot, it’s time for you to join me-

Come on, daddy- your little girl’s done with waiting.”




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