Crowley Bearing a Gift

                                                     Crowley Bearing a Gift


                                                  -- Dedicated to Thelema --


                                 Stars are persuaded to proceed in the inmost hubs

                                 Of galaxies; speaking in a language known only by the

                                Will of curved space and perpetual movement. A simple

                                Mantra chanted by a will that wants to know its

                                Own will by chasing its tail on a merry-go-round of clouds of

                                Suns happy in their constant movement, thirsty to know

                                And happy to sing.


                               And our old friend Crowley sees all this in his bardo sitting

                              On the roof of existence


                             He writes a hymn to Abraxas on

                             Parchment molecule thin, wrapping with

                             It Saturn

                             As a



                             He is drunk with the adoration of molecules and wanting

                             To give to us on planet Zero a visionary mind even now,

                            And more than ever.


                                  He sees all this in his bardo sitting on the roof of existence -

                                  Imparting the sight of Saturn as a friend now,

                                  And more than ever.




Crowley Bearing a Gift

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