Why don’t we drink till we drown our sorrow?
Raise our glasses toward a better tomorrow

Cry all the tears still trapped inside
Struggle to get our hands untied

The scent of summer roses so bittersweet
Remove our masks so we finally can meet

Bolt the doors to spirits of the night
Dance with me in the flickering candlelight

Feed the hunger that lives deep within
Where my flesh ends your touch begins

You make the music while I keep time
While we make love to another glass of wine

Form our connection under the moon and stars
Time to discover exactly who and what we are

Seal any doubt with a fiery kiss
A recreation on earth of heavenly bliss

Free our hearts so they can now take flight
Crossing all boundaries of an endless night

Let our mutual attraction take its toll
Allow this passion to consume us whole

Gary Edward Allen 2005 ©




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