Constant Fear

Open the phone Just to have my scalp blown off from my phone Thinking of all the emotion you should have shown This isn't no threat, this is a call for help No one will listen, for years I have felt so alone Get the barrel and blow off my dome Lack of emotions I shown Writing these words, it emerges from the back of my skull I'm starting to fear it's taking its toll Being a fool Skipping on the first day of school Just to pop pills and not feel ill, not pay bills, and just lay in the ocean soaking in my feels until it kills I'm just gonna sit back and chill in lucifers dungeon Chilling on the couch with the minions he summoned Stacking it up, burning it up to about 50 million Moods change like a chameleon But all i fear is constant fear Constant hate and constant care For the person that won't even care When i'm gone...

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