Religion is something that may hold us true But what is good and what is bad Are moments of numbness Worth the everlasting darkness Line up all the sins and tell me what you see Are they restrictions, or the truths only the devil doesn’t believe Is Religion a lifestyle that can leave us with regret Or is it a experience putting us to the test Is there something more, or is this moment all we have Is the afterlife all the scripture says it has
Will the fun sins lead to everlasting pain Or shall we pull the plug on holyness’ and let the good times rain We hope God forgives for we are all pure at heart Why didn’t you just believe my son, and you wouldn’t have to end Everlasting pain, in exchange for a few bright moments No Loyalty to God now you and happiness shall part.

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  1. This comes across as a Christian Bible lecture.
    I’m not feeling poetry here: no metaphors, no similes,
    no creative language.

    I am sure that you can do better.

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