~ Conceive It ~

~ Conceive It ~ With words, I can climb to the summit of my dreams, Fly to the other side of a brightly burning star and fall, 4 light-years deep, just missing the exosphere of my rotating home, and where a line widens for my return. I can stay suspended, in space, near the intrinsic beltway of new freedoms, Heaven’s arc. O, with Thine wonders and my ever-churning imagination, together, births a new existence. For me, it is a place where limits cease. As I pluck letters and join them together to form words, New days in my many other-worlds are written. I can dance from one solar system to the next, click my heels, and land on an obscure point on the moon, and while every earthbound soul is tucked tightly in sure bodies some 200,000 miles away. They know not of my many escapes or that I’m attempting such feats with the flick of my nib; That my hope wields my pen like a rapier, devastating any obstacles, clearing a path for new fantasies and escapades where I’ll journey beyond the sun, visiting every wonder of God’s mammoth space. ~ R. E.

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