Collectors of the Nectar

Collectors of the Nectar


As Rose does open her petals wide in the morning light

The collectors of her sweet Nectar advance like army drones

They hover over her colored petals filled with delectable delight


Floating just above her and teasing with gentle might

Passionate about tasty syrup from her tender zone

While tenderly touching each red petal in soft flight


A gentle breeze is made when the tongue unites

And Rose’s liquid is lightly disowned

Bringing sensations that incite


Then the injects himself boldly in spite

Where he collects his pleasures intone

And pollinates her with forced electrolyte


With the focused vision of a gladiator’s sight

His mission in Rose will be done in one visit sown

As both will benefit from this one invite


For this was the visit of the butterfly’s flight

And the Bee came to share the pollen despite

They both shared Rose’s pleasure sprite

So next year a new Rose will grow with beauty slight

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