The flame that was resonating within your soul finally got dim
At the end of the road
At the bottom of that ever so long chasm
At the lowest low
You were there
On your knees
Hoping for some saviour 
It wasn't me
I told you to stand up and it should have been clear and the end of this encounter
You can stand up for yourself
Kisses filled with regret, love, desperation, confusion 
You felt like you for a moment
Although I had stopped loving you a while ago it is still there within my soul 
Just reminiscing 
It doesn't disappear 
It doesn't fade away 
It never will 
Love isn't supposed to die out 
Sometimes it just has to be forgiven 
So now on your own two feet
Along with anyone who may be reading this 
You can stand
and take on the world 
Just look at the kind of person you are 
Accept all your faults
All the things that make you 
Rid yourself of confusion and take a step towards something more 
Be the person you want to be simply because you can 
Love yourself more than anything else 
Only you can be you
This is the truth
Wake up and dedicate your life to mastering the art of you and maybe everything won't be so down and blue. 

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