Child Abuse Awareness

I've told my story, I'm outside the box Away from the drawer Which held all the locks! I've told my story For the whole world to hear Of the little girl Who lived everyday in fear! I've told my story Of my struggles to belong Not really knowing I was a Survivor all along! I've told my story For ittle girls like me Who thinks its impossible To survive without family! I've told my story And I will continue to repeat Until Child Abuse Awareness Is heard on every street! I've told my story And the reasons I'm alive I've told my story So others,  can also Survive!
Child Abuse Awareness

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  1. Powerful poem! I love how you have used rhyme, it emulates the feeling that the speaker in this poem has full control and also helps to build the force of the message here. I work very closely with people who experience mental ill health – the bravery in sharing this poem will help people who have had similar experiences for sure!

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