Bloody storm

*Adults kill dreams more than anyone else

it's like they feast on teenage weakness

*Don't even wanna bring up this discussion

tired of feeling like that,tired of depression

*laying in bed for hours,thinking of suscide

it's not the fear of death,it's what if i failed don't wanna be dramatized

*Cutting does'nt specify your level of this hopeless game

i don't try cause i know i don't have enough room for all the pain

*Flowers on my hair,demons in my head

i take back every happy thing i ever said 

*Surprised? choked? what for

maybe i should've showed this side of me before

*But kept my secrets in a safehouse

kept the whole world out

*So don't bring your ''huh?'' face to the crime scene 

it's always been like that,it's just never been seen

*Did'nt wanna sound complaining,thought no one would care

didn't actually try finding someone,heard it's cruel out there

*And cruel it was,glad i did'nt regret anything 

but not so glad no one knows how i think

*Always been the hyper active funny girl,in their sights

wish i can delete that image entirely out of heads , out of life

*only thing i can do to hold on is write, and express my feelings a bit

but will anyone even read it 

*Loliness is addicting and slightly harmfull

once you see how much it's reliefing you dont wanna deal with people

*That's what am going through right now, I dissappear they think am out of my sanity

but it's always been like that it's my personality

*came to a conclusion that a fake smile is worse than its reason

they see you happy,they think you don't need a shoulder to lean in 


*I don't really need saving am my own hero in a princess form

but i wish they knew the rainbowns i show out were after a bloody storm

Bloody storm

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