I bury myself under a pile of blankets; Because it’s where I feel the safest Call it a coffin or a tomb; It’s just a place that I find rest A place that I find peace; Peace from the demons that haunt The demons that taunt me; The memories and the realizations that remind Remind me that I’m worthless; Tell me that I deserve this Who cares about the way I loved; The dreams I dreamed That I’m drowning in hurt; Of all the blood that I make myself bleed All that matters is I’m a fuck up; Could seem stuck up, could seem fake Though I was running from those demons; Though I was being chased I’m like poison, I’m just toxic; I hurt everyone like I do myself Even as they disregard; That I’ve been screaming for help But instead please beat me ; And leave me with welts I’ve earned it cause I’m a monster; So chase me to my cave Where I’ll hide in a coffin of blankets; Where I feel safe so I’ll behave And wish my death would come; At a much, much earlier age

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