Black and Muslim

Racism; xenophobia; psychological war fare; instruments of hate that have destroyed the lives of millions.   Do you know what it feels like to be Muslim and black; black and Muslim; living the life of a double negative; fighting a fight on two fronts.

Violent and extreme; often the  connotation of the identity i have to affirm. Your pigment convicts you of crimes you didn’t commit; your ideology boxes you out of your community when your beliefs are uncommon but to them you have to stay true.

Being Muslim and black;  a unique conundrum. Fighting a fight on two fronts; enemies are allies in another battle.

how do you defeat hate  when everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.

suicidal thoughts often permeates. I mean my people on one hand can’t seem to find themselves and sadness rises when my people on the other hand are too often deprived of their humanity.

Funny how when you’re a racist or a xenophobe you don’t count the same; you don’t feel the same; we don’t even report the news the same. Funny how your race or ideology can often negate your humanity. Millions die in Syria and nobody bats an eye. Thirty one die in Belgium and the whole world cries.

Capitalism and all it’s tentacles singlehandedly divided us; playing a zero-sum game; I can’t help him because to help him is to hurt me.

Racism; the instrument of oppression; numbs us to the ill treatment of people that don’t look like us.

Being  Muslim and black; fighting a never ending battle. Frustration fuels my depression; i mean i love people on both sides that can’t seem to find a common ground. They say they love but that love is so often nonexistent.

I am Muslim and black; i am not pro-black i am pro-humanity. I am Muslim and black; let us look past color. Every death counts, every life matters.


Black and Muslim

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