Bitter Sweet

“↣Bitter Sweet↢”        February 16 & 29,2017

He broke her heart for the last time↢

Red , blue , turquoise and green↣

Her love was shattered↢

What is love , not for me↣

Her earth fell all around her↢

Hurt , anxiety , anger and lies↣

She should have known what was coming↢

Love must be a deadly disguise↣

She trusted him for the last time↢

    Night , day , don’t know which way↣

Why me , why us , why has everything turn to dust↢

They don’t understand why their feelings are hidden↣

He loves her but don’t know what to do↢

    Passion , romance , extraordinary and fierce↣

She has cared since day one , can’t move on↢

    What will time give them both↣

There is only so much she can take↢

    Silver , gold , diamonds and pearls↣

She made up her mind , hate to love↢

    Their hearts glimmered with expected hope↣

He was sure he would love her forever↢

    Time was ticking and it seemed to be in slow motion↣

She wanted it beyond any time it took↢

    Trust , bitterness , envy and assumptions↣

They’ve come this far , giving up is not an option↢

    Will their love ever be↣

Their mistakes haunt them , call their names↢

    Something is bound to happen↣

Both of them have never been the same↢

    Their love is refined↣

Bitter Sweet

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  1. I love this the vivid colors even when there is a dark place your words pop out thanks interesting read

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