Because You are

Nothing in this physical life is guaranteed

But when I lay prostrate before You with tears running down my face using my prayer as seed

Words fail me but my heart relentlessly reaching out to the One who can

Though I’m misunderstood by society through false perceptions and smoke screens You understand

I can only be because You are…

My physical body is weak and my soul sinking in unpredictable emotions

Yet my spirit stretches out towards the deeper and higher dimensions thrusting itself into heavenly oceans

At times I’m oblivious to thoughts creeping into my mind that tries to take me to a deep dark place

But because Your Spirit fights on my behalf He speaks into my spirit and allows me to fall to my face

Our union is not of this realm but one where earth’s time has no meaning

Your love for me is so intense that it permeates through my entire being and with Your Grace towards me You’re leaning

Sharing Yourself with me on a level that no man could ever enter

With Your love You embrace every agonizing pain away with Your peace as my epicentre

You have become my reason to be!

When the world looks at me it is You who I want them to see

I can only be because You are…

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