Beautiful Black Woman

I am a Black Beautiful Woman! Look at me, look at me and what do you see? Gaze past the outside cause beauty is more than skin deep!

Will you try to judge me, and to what gain? Admire me, respect me, try to understand my pain.

I am Beautiful from the top of my head to the tip of my feet. Nothing you do or say will ever make me weak!

When you speak to me, look in my eyes and see my emotions I don't have time for confusion or negative intentions!

I am a Black Beautiful Woman! A Mother, a Writer, a Leader, a Fighter...a Survivor of many battles And through it all, I still know who I am and where I want to be. I'll always stand tall, whether in the open or with my back against the wall I absolutely refuse to give up, I absolutely refuse to fall!

Yes, I am a Black Beautiful Woman! Through whatever trials and tribulations, I will fight to the end, I wont ever give up, I will never stop...till I win!

Author: Tawana Beecham

Beautiful Black Woman

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