Bah dickens, this poet iz boffo

ole man winter afar off from now

Perhaps envisioning cold temperatures will allow

late summer dawg days here – (a best western suburb

   of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) to grin n bear - how

ever sluggish n lethargic one doth feel

   inducing sweat tamped from moist brow.

bring thee an imagistic attempt – to give ya pow

er if mind over matter u will envision on par with cow
   jumping o’er the moon – by dint of mental focus right now!


Dickens Christmas carol revisited by this nicked saint

frigid aire - From at mo sphere

hammering and whipsawing debris that with an angry flare

cuz Mother Nature - fed up to here

(re: top of head) for humanity scurrying without a care

Leaving heavy-duty footprints blotting

out those of Santa Claus' rein deer

on a yearly mission to deliver yule tide

to this bloke - who haint no bobbing

crotchety old man per radical side

of the establishment, but considers all tha hoo ha

over Xmas devoid of divine pride

and prejudiced against t'other days of the year

where vices many do not hide

so, i hasten to clarify no intent to pop

any holiday balloon - only virtue blithely do glide

past majority intent on grabbing, rattling chains

like ghosts of Christmas past

so for that reason this liberal democrat did chide

how mass of consumers married materialism like a bride

forsaking jolly Rogers Fred ship (ah chew...i cut me a gold)

where care does in rare form abide

or if discernible with a tiny Tim burr

coal less sing into miserliness and meanness like a cur

mud gin golem with thick wooly fez e wig

that easily passes faux pas fur

as protection against the brutal coldness

sans ignorant and want that murmur

barely audible in contest witnessed by scrooge

who as fiction tries to unfetter himself

and for the sake of Jacob marley begins to stir

prophetic for selfishness and greed globally extant

asper this doctrine a best buy

allows, enables and provides well oiled machinery

of wealth held by rich gal or guy

thus shackling a disproportionate populace

to feel weighed down in heavy (like alice) in chains

though invisible said allow

stronger than steel strait jackets well nigh

hold captive i.e. colonialism revisited,

where justice does not app ply

in this interconnected World Wide Web,

whence accolades applauded

to those who act sly - and try

cajoling, finessing, insinuating broken,

empty, rustling grimly with hollow promises

analogous to a tail stripped from asking "Y"

undulating, triangulating, strangulating,

et cetera in a "V" ness flytrap essentially

spurring me to consider

December twenty fifth

nuttin boot poppy crock and pap!





Bah dickens, this poet iz boffo

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