Baby doll

I once was your baby, then you chopped my head, Dismembered my body, and shoved me under your bed. I lay here eyes opened, and watch the sun fall. Remembering back when I was your Baby Doll. Mommy what happened? You use to hold me so close, Please pick me back up, I'm scared and so cold. I thought that you loved me, but here I lay still. I'm your Baby Doll that you dreamed would come real. Why Mommy Why, was I tossed to the side, You use to spoon feed me, You brought me to life. Now under the bed, I made this new friend. He stitched me together With his needle and thread. They call him dark magic, But enough about me. Mommies been bad, and its time that she bleeds. I'll start with her eyes, with this spoon I was feed, Dig them out slowly while shes tied to the bed, or maybe I'll start with my sippy cup, sewed to her lips to keep her lying mouth shut. So many choices, What should I do first? All I wanted was Love, your attention I thirst. I think I will start by dressing you up. Make you my baby, that sips through my cup. I'll brush your long hair, and tie it in knots. Will that help you remember what you thought I forgot. Once I'm in bed you'll see that plastic is real, and before I began you'll feel as I feel. Discarded like trash, and tossed to the side, Alone and abandoned, 'WHY MOMMY WHY' Look what you've done, and forced me to do. Now it's just us alone in this room. With no place to go, and no one to call, How do you like being my Baby Doll.......

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