As a Warrior

AS    A    Warrior    A.G Ogbenigho Odiri


The clock shies away,        

Night the undressed bride

 Holds pathway,

Upon her might peeps her pride.

Our anus open, that’s sag!

‘Now too chilled some lag’


When the sun drop dead as a warrior

And I could not remember in mirror

All l had done today  

I follow where my intellects reach

And ever in intercession be awesome lay

As gracious  flowers  mix

Careful  kings, sailing servants

And when she comes again  

As a nomadic settled stranger

Bobbing up belly wise

Makes me fear free from night wanderers  

Night take away

Nights the troublers’ of our

Solemn heart,

Go I say unto thee, flow

And never shall

Bats and owls haunt the sun

To many endeavor to many

Shall sleep never to wake.

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