As a Coffin sees you me

  • Posted by: Ria John
  • Created: August 30, 2016
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My friend is coming to meet me,

My friend for eternity

For the "ever after"


I am all dressed up,

In teak and sandal woods

White satin and lace adorn me

Gold sequins and a shining cross above me

and I am waiting for my friend


People milling around me,

Cries and swears, heaves and tears rolling down

Incense smokes and prayers,

The Cross is made, evil flees

and I am waiting for my friend


Thoughts of future surround me,

Me and my friend together

We will sleep and 

Wait for The Call

I may crumble, I may lose my strength

But I will take you to where you belong

and I am still waiting for my friend


The wait is over!

My friend is here!

Hands hold him and brings him to me,

And places him inside me...

I snuggle and make his place cosy for him

Lest he feel the cold beneath


Wreaths for remembrance

Offerings for redemption

Words left unsaid hung in the air

Time flew and is lost forever

Chances missed, the final goodbye is here

Kisses are sealed and

Tear drops sparkles my friend’s face


The wait is over!

We are moving on!

Hands come and hides the face forever

Holy water flows on us

Lest we fall prey to the blackness beneath

My other part comes and seals us shut

Lest we know the darkness beneath

Lest we hear the vice beneath


The entourage glides and reaches the pit

Our resting place

We are slid down

My friend seems tense and he turns an inch

But I am here to hold you through

A thousand eyes from above

Groping for what lies beneath


Prayers said

The tomb is closed

Earth falls on us

The last ray of sunshine is sucked out


My friend is sleeping

But I must haste

For he will be awakening soon

For the joy-ride to the deep.

As a Coffin sees you  me

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