Are you alright?

A voice called out “are you alright?”

I responded, “yes, I’m fine”.

I was taken back by the question.


You see i’m so used to being left alone, with no one to ask “are you alright?”                                                How offered do i see someone i know and ask “are you alright?”


How trusted is there answer?

Do they want me to know how they feel on the inside?

There thoughts race with fear; I’m so scared and alone

I’m frightened of going home.


Do I tell them what happened lastnight?

Do I tell them my husbands having an affair?

Do I tell them the kids are pulling my hair out?

Do I tell them the dog got ran over or my son’s high on drugs?


You see I’m ashamed to tell you if I’m alright. So I’ll look at you softly, smile and walk on and go back to being scared, alone, fearful and frightened.


So please feel free to ask me if i’m alright, I’m not sure what my answer will be, but I know you still love me anyway......


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