ansley piper dunning

unbeknownst to this papa, the nieces per thy sister two plus years younger than me (her only brother) exude such civility, frivolity, and individuality. 

this stunning lithe oldest teenage niece, daughter of
my younger sister, epitomizes a tall drink of water
(similar to the mother at same age)

What with her willowy young woman body
brimming with budding potential for breath-taking beauty
enhanced by her quiet mien
expressing itself thru exemplary artistic and literary flair
if asked to draw a character sketch anime or wax poetic she would demure
modesty restrains her acknowledging creative talents
so I thought to compose an ode in praise
of this quiet-natured adolescent teetering on the brink of adulthood
evolving positive qualities via the strength of said sibling
whose ambitious parents embarked to Spain
late summer found them bound for the Iberian peninsula
this brother suppresses envy at adventurous bold risk-taking
exposing offspring to world wide web of Europe
fostering cultural awareness, represents continuity
for I remember this youngest sibling as gently conniving for courage
to act on her je nais sais qua esprit de corps
as like an inner divining rod and faith in self
enabling exemplary example for motherhood constituting
both this and Marleigh (the second of deux whip smart darlings)
with the world at their fingertips as hands on learning
all the while insinuating courage to take life by the horns!

ansley piper dunning

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