An Unsung Melody

Maybe I’m a lone star in the universe, But this doesn’t mean my path will diverge. Now I realize why we are born, Just to save my people until they are gone. Just for years I will not be at home, As my second home is on a bursting bomb. Tell my sister never to cry, Because I will protect her till I die. Yes, don’t be afraid of any other fees, And those hanging are yours, my bike keys. Life is full of sunlight if you overcome the shadows, And I will protect you, with arrows and bows. Hey mom, why are you so sad? I promise you, I will be back. Dad? He is the nicest person I ever met, Because he’s the reason behind my life full of faith. Tell grandma why I got there, I know you are upset with heart of tears. Hey beautiful, you don’t have to say goodbye, Will call you every day and never tell a lie. All I need to say don’t give up on me or push me afar, Then I will die, tearing my heart apart. I can see my life as a fighting soldier, I wish to make my country proud before I get wrapped in tricolor.
An Unsung Melody

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