Alluring Sentiment

You might find this text quick as a god’s eye This line was written as the stars fly The Mood colors change like moon pies. And your the best fit, and your spirit is electric You was spilling tea and it was the best spit then as you leave the text hits You glad that you opened it because you would have never wrote this. This is my life without a price this is my board without rolling the dice This is the key for the door, without jamming it with a knife I Go home hear her heartbeat and holding her tight She doesn’t wants me to leave she’s afraid of the night She cannot be replaced and I can see it on her face To see me In the same place I wrote these and gonna drown I know I’m loving her, speaking to her in vowels Waking up to the sunset, and she already up in a sundress Making  breakfast and what she’s making? I can only guess The day goes on everything the same and we grown so close. You have became the blood in my veins, And the cell in my brains My life will never be the same and I’m too young to be stuck in the rain I can see the sky is limitless as it drops tears on my wet wrist People throw shade on her name still doesn’t change nothing Later In our moments the wedding ring will be the forthcoming I want a little baby and her mother can hold her Tell her how crazy In love I am With her tears coming from her face All the mistakes was made but erased as this gift In her hands take place In our hearts that’s the feeling I want And how I want to start this world has music all you have to do is listen to the art This how I will start form the perfect paint she’s my canvas Until I woke up from my dream and It all Vanish.

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