Ain’t Got What it Takes

Ain’T Got What It Takes


My love is somewhere yearning for me,

While I’m here pining all alone

She’ll be wondering what must have gotten wrong;

Why am I not always at home?

I just don’t know how to explain

The reason I cause her much pain

But there’s one thing I know

It’s that I do love her so

Though I ain’t got what it takes to

Show her that I do


Many times I’ve failed to take her out for diner

To the places she’d always wanted us to be

Like skiing together in the Alps in winter

Or surf in summer on Hawaiian sea

Could she believe I’m on shaky ground?

For all my treasures can’t be found!

Lord! I wish I could show

That I do love her so

For I ain’t got what it takes to

Show her that I do


I’m crazy still for you though I wonder

If you could take me , for a wrench I now stand

Shame and prude on my part keeps us asunder

Though I wish you could but understand


I know you miss me girl so deeply

And I more than miss you too

But destitution drives me dizzy

I may sound silly, yet it’s true

But now I must let you know

That I do love you so

Though I aint got what it takes to

Show you that I do.

Written by Divine T Sangbong 1997







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