Age Knocked On My Door

Age knocked on my door   My head is in a real bad state My memory is running late I feel like I am going mad My eyesight now is really bad My teeth have now come to an end Impossible to ever mend My confidence has been destroyed Through all the things I once enjoyed My body is slowly packing up I'm full of broken veins My bones which now need oiling Are filled with aches and pains Gravity has got a grip The lines are clearly showing Moustash and beard have just appeared Facial hair is growing My hair is thin, my eyes are dim My ears no longer hear It's time to face reality Old age is finally here All I seem to do these days Is eat and watch the telly Which makes it easy to explain This rather fat round belly My body is slowly dying Still I try to look my best There is no harm in trying As I face eternal rest I used to be afraid of death But now I'm not so sure I'ts something I've accepted Since age knocked on my door.  

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