abstract poetry

Televison is giving us a brief train of thought, which, in turn, is making poetry brief and concise.  I am submitting some poetic sayings which have been influenced by television.



1. There is something very sacred about the concept of Free Will.
And the Spirituality of Time and Place.

2. Man is naturally good,
Living in a corruptible world.

3. When good men do bad things,
Bad things happen to them naturally.
4. The nature of the egotist is to corrupt the young mind.

5. Mass is the source of divine inspiration.
Mass is the source of the presence of the Lord.
Mass is the source of the natural course of events.

6. Spiritual growth begins with the Family.

7. The evolution of man is the evolution of society.

8. The temptation of the devil is for us to miss mass.

9. The nature of humor is love.

10.  Enough to pay the bill.
And a little extra to take the kids to the ballpark.



abstract poetry

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