I am a domestic worker, who left my country,

I took over my husband’s responsibility.

To provide for my children, I struggled and persevere.

No off days, no sick leave, no privacy, at night I’m in tears

The way they treated me is modern slavery.

Abusing my weaknesses because they have the authority

They did not care on my sacrifices just to get myself here,

For them, I am a maid, to reason out is nowhere near.

Happy is the one who believes in freedom

But sadness surfaces as reality comes.

The rights we are claiming was ignored and thrown away,

Denying to be heard in everything we say.

Just like a little girl, who was forced to marry,

A man who’s old enough to be her daddy.

Going to school was stopped, she did’nt have an option,

The right to say no, was out of discussion.

Objectifying women is bad way of portraying

Treating us like commodities to improve advertising

It affects the shallow minds of the creepy creatures

Predators scattered, waiting like a hungry vultures.

A woman of any age, deserves to be respected.

Voice of innocents, should’nt be neglected.

Gender equality in rights and oppurtunities,

This is what we’re fighting for, in every communities.

My rights to earn a good living to take care of family.

My rights to decide what to do on my own body.

My rights to go to school and  learn properly.d

My rights to say no and choose who I want to marry.

Women of today, is the same as yesterday.

Strong, determined, independent in many ways.

Mother, wife, sister, daughter or even a queen.

The multi task she does, initiative is always seen.

My poems, became my voice.

When I realized, as a woman I have a choice.

To stand up for my rights and be heard in everything,

I hope you comprehend, while you are listening.



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