A Tear

A tear formed watching news the other day 
A drop form in eye making pond to stay 
It formed so big it soon overflowed 
Roll out my eye dropped to cheek below 
Its fall then stopped and pause into a wait 
Frozen in time holding my heart break 
Not often in life journey this act occur 
Yet in world sometimes, some events hurt 

Shocked, no delight; in break from my norm 
No found joy in this sad down fact alarm
Reality I came to a wall collision to verify 
Tear jump from my face and off cheek side 
Lesson scorched and can not be unstained
No aim to please hell or its ruling king 
Tear drop splatter on floor into beads
A storm within self which produce rain 
All said sad display of weakness and shame
But sometime a tear 
Solves the thing 

A Tear

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