A Scary World

  • Posted by: Haley Mead
  • Created: November 3, 2020
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The world is a scary place Where our lives forever race Against our endless rival For not but our survival The silence is a scary sound Where no hope is ever found Thicker than honey but far less sweet An entity too unwanted to meet The air is a scary feel Where nothing is ever real Untouchable and still its there Surrounding us it's everywhere The darkness is a scary sight Where we will forever fight It is cold, feared and unknown Something we cannot dethrone The blood is a scary taste Where in us, it is misplaced It runs through us as our life source Yet others may find it with force The death is a scary scent Where all those before us went Waiting for it to come Dancing to Hades drum The world is a scary place Wherein lives the human race But life is a precious gift to receive Remember that before you leave - Ghost November 24, 2018

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