A Prayer Solemnizing Vitality

Wise no adulation, dedication and gratification 

   not emphasized the other three hundred and sixty four days a year

question their role as consumed end product of taxidermist, 

   gnome hatter clucks fie against industry where 

when thanksgiving gobbledygook brouhaha 

   glib lets deified whereat a countless range of turkeys sacrificed veer

rill lee with commendable, gratuitous and laudatory plaudits 

   bequeathed to the cook, who held as the grand umpire

calling bastes time to call in the pitcher - 

   though such an action tends tubby viewed as fowl, with tail feathers there

be fluttering in sync with shutterfly flapping 

   at least one angry bird sent to the slaughterhouse - 

   whose peck within four square

foot enclosure breeds base wrath bone, 

   which Birdseye view dispensed, though tis grim fate 

   doth behoove turkeys to rear

up and protest their predestination forbidding intuition 

   via special Turkish communication from axe of cruelty, 

   the butcher will not deem queer 

yet questions pop up why this singular twenty four hour 

   Fitbit of time fosters the people to summon beneficence, and when app peer
rent lee, this American custom squawks back hundreds of years 

   sans "The First Thanksgiving," a spontaneous oscillometer
ocular venerated, feted, and celebrated requisitioned, 

   when Governor William Bradford organized a three-day long feast near 
the tip of Cape Cod, which was too far north of intended destination. 
   One month later, they made head way to Massachusetts Bay

celebrated Native Americans friends, the year 1621 feasted 

   between Pilgrims and Wampanoag at Plymouth Colony a green day
arbitrarily chose spread of turkey, waterfowl, venison, fish, lobster, 

   clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin, and squash mebbe fish fillet
Thanksgiving, currently celebrated on the fourth Thursday 

   in November by federal legislation in 1941 recalling hooray,
or more particularly regaling the maiden voyage 1620 

   viz a ship called the Mayflower disembarking stalked by death and injury
from Plymouth, England for the New World after a difficult battle at sea 

   that lasted 66 days; the 102 passengers roped a dee ja
   which essentially doubled up as conductor, 

   and struck up psalm songs 

   for a guiding buoy ant gull they named Oak Kay
of the Mayflower landed near and the Pilgrims began 

   to build a new home at Plymouth, whence an annual tradition hay 
begat by founding fathers and Mother Nature 

   incorporating some marketing spin, 

   thence United States by presidential proclamation and fiat Gerry
rigged obeisance (essentially honoring 

   those brave hearts that dared traverse the Atlantic Ocean 

   without lifejackets nor a whit, they didst ferry
themselves in a rickety craft (where many perished at sea) 

   since 1863, and state legislation since Founding Fathers donned gray
powdered wigs (served to trumpet political stance) 

   forging fledgling colonies slated crude establishments and primitive bidet
wrought forth from deep within the bowels 

   of fecund fields broke ranks with Britain, and pioneered United States array.








A Prayer Solemnizing Vitality

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