A Poem To My Foster Dog

I was overcome with sadness, missing the little dog I fostered. It was hard to put into words but this poem attempts to describe my sorrow

To my foster dog You blew in with the summer breeze in seven weeks you were gone No more rushing home from work No more up at dawn I drank my coffee on the deck without you by my side I ran my errands all alone no one to share my ride I took a good long walk alone it didn’t feel the same I found a ball under the couch no one to play the game I miss you more than I can say out loud without me weeping I felt you jump, up next to me last night while I was sleeping I dreamt, I smiled my heart was light your soul had come to say goodnight Don’t cry momma, I am loved you helped me all this way You found a family who had more time now all I do is play I woke to find, your little spot cold My sads were full and spilled I miss your kisses, your silly spunk You’re brave and so strong willed I pray you’re happy, that I chose well my heart will heal in time Forever in my memory sweet little pup of mine
A Poem To My Foster Dog

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