A mother should never put a man before they child

Mommy where are you why didn't you pick me up from school. Mommy why didn't you cook I'm Hungry what am I going to eat can you help me with my homework. Mommy why aren't the lights on mommy the water is off. Mommy why do you have so many boyfriends you know my daddy still love you. Mommy don't you love me I love you Mommy. Mommy come back please don't go I need you more then he need you. Mommy why don't you love me is it that I’m ugly is it because I’m fat what do I need to get your love. My I’m sorry I told you he touch me its true mommy please listen to me I’m sorry what have I done I don’t blame you I blame myself I should have never told you what he done to me. I want my mommy back the one I could talk to the one I could have fun with mommy please don’t leave please mommy please what am I going to do without my mommy. I have no one mommy don’t love me so why should I love myself. Should I pack my bags and run away should I just kill myself?

No my child just pray just pray. Everyday every minute a child goes without because of the love they don’t get from home we have to remember a child is a gift from god so some need to stop putting them in the trash like they yesterdays News.

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