A man should never put his hands on a woman


Stop why y’all must argue. Stop why must y'all fight mommy don't cry its ok I'm here for you I can wipe your tears away. Stop what is wrong with yall don't take my Step daddy to jail he didn't mean it. Your eye is black your nose is bleeding let's leave. Dear god please take the tears from my mother eyes please help my her from stop getting hit. God save us help him from stop drinking. God my mama can't go to work because he hit her in the face why do this have to happen send your angels oh lord to save us i seen the shooting star that night so i prayed for her to come back when i seen her  stormed out the house crying walking up the road. I prayed and she came back i asked you to please let her come back so i know you real.
Only a weak man will hit a woman. A strong man will take a hit from his woman and smile and I understand I feel your pain.


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