A Luddite I am Not


Courtesy of AskJeeves, and a special acknowledgement
to the Google search algorithm, this anachronistic Travelocity gent
lee blog, a factual fictitious vignette fram mental tal hent 
takes add Vonage of Samsung  viz Clark Kent
incredible computer software programs and sturdy Mainframe he kin lent.

Bass sic Lee (this savvy poetic end-user) opted incorporating what he doth coon sitter
 tubby both thee hottest n coolest common bots unseen that ping and skitter
n thrive within binary bitmap digital boot not embittered nor iz he a quitter
as unseen electronic/ microscopic realm, whar can tweet and twitter.

Since a countless number of applications constitute the hum maze zing
information superhighway (thank you Al Gore), this computer addict plucked on a wing
n broken kin prayer juiced a random sample per significant thing
hearty soulful itty bitty byte size flickr patented technological silent ring
tone signaling data communications packets fueling hand held devices did ping.
So many automatic, cryptic, esoteric…et cetera fiber optic pulsating thru axis vector
stupefying vectors cross, twas impossible but winnow down selection process to a small sector
in virtual sectorwhich smattering of Apps countless twenty first century human projector
where computer applications anachronistically don the following epistle like nectar
I Trump pet smart word smith re: scrivener effecter.

Shiloh Golong and describe, which Apple of my eye (amidst all the Core piss 
   sans millions of equally omitted, yet equally appealing, enlivening, incorporating
   Wan set cetera populate virtual reality) resonated within Chrome moe so mull Bing vans.
Skype in n Angry Bird n If ya need to take Avast break please Compaq to this Century21 Opus
Foursquare kilometers from Instagram Pennsylvania, Yukon nada miss
who (despite kiss
sing eternal Allianz 
with the fountain of youth) witnessed The Birth of Cosmos - hiss
story give or take a million years, and can remember when Geico caveman discover like Chris
Column bus - Victoria’s Secret how to make fire proof couture bliss
full, which kept warm re: covergirl company in this now over lit Circuit City amiss.

This Earthlinked, Googly eyed (brown), Hotmail wannabe doth dwell in Dell
  a where valley thinking About such notions as: Airgas, Comcast, Excelon…. Veer
eye sin plus responding to interpersonal classified advertisements x spear
ment tang feigning tube be a bachelor.
   Hoop ping to dance with female stars purportedly accidently twerking ma rear.
Oh…Methinks a desperate gal from Ashley Madison, AdultFriendfinder, Badoo,
joshing with the eldest Dogger to master extra marital dating clue
or purdy than from any other website fancies friend ship with this nebbish, goo goo
doll doting generic goofball perchance seeking somebody aesthetically attractive ta moo

Va the bowels of mein kempf imagination, thus envision, a slight shift in action Lifelock
drama as fealty to fair sex necessitates discerning whom rapping or mebbe a mock
MineCraft softly (echoes SoundClound) infuse this creaky body limp as a wet sock
with a sudden jolt to beat a path to the door fast as greased lightening shard o rock.

Hmm…the sudden ruse to quick forge an invisible IdentityGuard  axe like a KickStarter,
a throwback to those glorious atavistic arboreal days when fate did ensure tartar
sauce appeasing Plentyoffish edenic, idyllic, and lipstick Joyus ness n warder adorned in snakish garter
To quench thirst, now dear Rabbit Reader (unwelcome Reddit news hints
struggling to hastily springme to action upon my super attenuated like gooey mints
noggin Natwest ted yet will be let down upon discerning what issues tart as quince -
rat…tat…tat…ring…ring…ring.” oh my dog – psyche does wince.
Campbell soup and please pardon moi while pullup these gangly limb
and attend to an unexpected interloper. All ike kin manage to mutter Kim
Kardashian - nothing amuse zing- comprises “oh sh…sh…Jim
me John, Shutterfly, Keeblers, Aldies, and quickly experiencing him
a lay ahs aka, the sensation of falling into an abysmally cold welled bank

Argh! Dave and Buster (two super tramping security details impossible to contact
on this Blizzard besotted day. While thoughts whir like Buzzfeed. Donald Riggd votes blacked 
out  and redact Trumped blitz, he anoints himself styled ace of spades. Figurative cards stacked
when Sarah Palin, pledged gubernatorial endorsement Survey Monkey tracked
opposition, outliers immediately banished when the angel of Merck whacked
me upside BirchBox head, but serum from a hotmail OkCupid perched a Twitter ring ghostly white
shoulder shrugs prods me to tell truth, This har Motley Fool ultra conservative right
holed up actually confesses to be a mailer daemon quite
whose Pinterest constitutes prevaricating a kooky plight
while athwart his abode, which Orbitz a Chrome colored sun light.
Whence, he (sometimes called Mac) keeper of this Oculus Rift;
SnapChatting with renown architects About MapQuest ting plans Lyft
ed for a SolarCity alone in the Whirled Wide Webbed wilderness a grift
Tor from Lake Woebegone, where all the women strive tubby on Youtube,
the children  Facebook endlessly amidst the global tract of teenage wasteland, lube
Rick hating, and every dapper Dan GoDaddy inquires WhatsApp puzzling Rubik’s cube
This rattletrap of an Itsy Uber Homo Sapiens set out to drape like a scottish mat
meself QuestDianostic Mapper, but somehow mission did not take shape n hat
envisioning how the present can be Linkedin with the past shifting sands went flat
log off buff fore power cuts out, meself as one ordinary Civil War soldier dapper dat
union soldier believes manifold re/in CarFax transmutations x plane how I did man bat
Trees –somehow escaped carnage scrimmage as Tumblr, why shied from any spat.

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