A Lovely Killer

The night it all began. The day I asked you to be my girlfriend. While one of the happier days of my life. It would turn out to be one of the worst decisions I could ever make. You made me so happy that day. I felt like the man. you looked so beutiful beutiful and elegant. The way you walked and the way you spoke. You sweapt me away with your elegent manner and your beutiful prowess. It turns out months later you weren't in for the passionate love. You only wanted me to validate yourself. At least, thats the only logical reasoning I can come up with. The times we shared were amazing. I will never get over them. As sad as it may seem you struck me harder then any hand could ever lay upon me. Harder then a bill could sit on my desk. Harder, then a loved ones death. And yet. you still left me, in the cold to die. In a world full of sadness and loneliness. What for? For your own self gain. To find a better parter who could support you? As the pain ate me away so did the other stresses of failier and the pain of life. if only you could know the light you shined upon my world to then take it all away. The bitter cold cut too deep to my soul. I couldn't bare the pain.

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