A love so real

My fingers traced every part of your naked chest as I lay next to you feeling your heart beat in sync with mine Both realizing another stolen weekend had come to an oblivious end not knowing when we will have another chance to escape reality and share the love that we keep alive over distance Scared that it's not enough but trusting in what we feel will stand the test of time Will you remember how it feels and is this love enough to make it become real Can we bring to life? These feelings for the world to see Darling I know I've seen I’ve felt I’m living with the same fears But trusting that our love is for real Battle scars have been left on both of us Broken pieces we are trying to repair Can you take my hand My love Lets walk this journey together Out of secrecy Lets just accept what the Universe have so abundantly showered us with and make it work. Let's give our love the chance Let’s bring peace to our souls Let’s not be to scared of a love so real. Copyright reserved- All copyright reserved by She Bear 08/08/17
A love so real

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  1. I love this what sensuality of the right words they connect it lifts me up great read
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