A journey within a mother

There is a kindness in your soul, love in your voice and a sparkle in your eyes.

I’m thankful that i was joined to you, that you gave me love and kept me safe so i would always be close to you, when i hug you i miss the smell of your hair and i feel at home where ever that is.

As time steals the breath from our lungs, you of all people know the solitude of life on your own path, in your own time and you have faced each step with courage. 

You have woken up each day with a brave heart knowing your journey is risky, there are no directions written in the sand, no flashing lights to guide you but you carry the pride and memories of life lost and gained and that’s your beacon in the dark, a place you know so well throughout time and space.

When you look in the mirror there is a woman of absolute strength, a woman who knows her beautiful self and worth and as you sail across your sea of life, be it through any storm or sunshine horizon.

The warmth of the sun on your back is love and your direction home is where ever your heart leads you.

No one can be that breathe in your sails, your sails are filled with what you are and you are the captain of your future and history.

You’re the person capable of holding course when the ocean is rough and you’re the person I’m proud of most.

Thank you for showing me who you are and loving me for what I am.

A journey within a mother

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