A HEAVENLY JOURNEY , As I lie here in the dark of night , I see a misty tunnel of light, A voice calls out gently to me Please take my hand and you too shall see , I feel my soul rise and drift away as It leaves my body here on earth , I struggle less than I did at birth , I'm going towards a strange dimension, But somehow it feels just so right , A beautiful rainbow of colours now in sight , I sense spirits all around , My feet not touching solid ground , I drift through clouds of billowy white in a radiant sky of azure blue , Is this really happening , could this be true , Then I see loved ones who have passed on , I reach out to touch , But then they are gone , Beautiful doves soar through the sky , Then everything blurs And it all disappears , An angel touches me and softly says it's not yet your time to be here , There's so much more on earth for you to do , She gently reaches for my hand Come let me show you the way back home , This was just a glimpse of the promised land , DEIRDRE O KEEFFE ,    

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